If you bought a tplink router & decided to setup home network with it, we are here to help you. We are router experts and look after queries related to tp link router setup and tplinklogin. We can understand your confusion regarding the router setup, especially when you are new to its setup process. This is why we are here, to help router users like you with their router setup. So for today we will teach you how to setup Tplink router and use tplink router’s IP address login.  All you need to do is go through the given steps carefully. In case, you are still not able to setup your Tplink router, feel free to ask for help. We have a dedicated a router’s expert team, who can help you throughout Tplink router setup. Let’s get started for now.

How to Configure Tplink Router?

  • Connect your modem to Tplink router’s Ethernet port, with the help of an Ethernet Cable. Take one end of the Ethernet cable and insert it into the blue Ethernet port of Tplink router.
  • Plug in your Tplink router into an electrical outlet. Next, power on the device using the Power On/Off switch, located at the rear of the device.
  • Get connected to the wifi network transmitted by your router. Locate the default SSID and WPA2 key, on the product label.

Tplink login Steps

  • Launch a web browser on your device or a computer.
  • Next, enter Tplink router’s default IP address login, into browser’s address bar.  If you facing difficulty in using tplink router’s default IP address, use its web address.
  • By default, a tplink router uses tplinkwifi.net as the default web address. Enter the address into router’s web browser’s address bar & press Enter.
  • In the next window, you will be asked to enter tplink router login credentials. Type admin in both fields if you haven’t changed login credentials before & click login.

How to Change Tplink Router’s Admin Password?

It is important for a router user, to change its router’s default admin password. A Tplink router user can change its router’s admin password with below-given steps. When you change your router’s admin password frequently, you keep it protected from anyone trying to maliciously log into your network. It is also a great practice to maintain your home’s network privacy. So for now we are providing you the steps to change your Tplink router admin password.

Steps to Change Tplink Router Admin Password

  • First, login to your Tplink router web interface & access Tplink router management page.
  • Once you reach to Tplink router’s management page, visit Management panel and choose Access Control sub-section.  
  • Under the Access Control sub-section, make use of the Password option.

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How To Change Tplink Router’s Admin Password?